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Certified Tonne Bags for dry bulk materials

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Tonne bag (baffle bag)

Why buy bulk tonne bags from merchants when you can buy direct from the manufacturer? Save on the cost of packing, transportation & storage needs with our top quality FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) tonne bags, ideal for handling all types heavy, loose and granular materials, removing the need for pallets.

Jumbo bags & FIBCs are versatile and suitable for a wide range of tasks. E.g. helicopter bags for lifting pathway materials to other areas on site and skip bags for removing large amounts of unwanted material. Specialist ton bags are used by civil engineering companies for fast damming of rivers and ton bags for tidal defence applications. We can make bulk bags with top skirts, bags with filling & discharge spouts, baffle bags to maximise space in shipping containers and can quote you for container liners & pallet covers – all made from tough Woven Polypropylene (WPP) fabric.

Typical Sizes

Below are typical sizes of tonne bags but if you don’t see the sizes you require then we can have them made for you. Typical tonne bag base sizes range from 50 x 50cm to 125 x 125cm with typical bag heights ranging from 50 – 200cm.

Printed bags (Stock Tonne Bulk Bags cannot be printed)

Up to 2-Colours – Minimum Order Quantities Apply, Please request a quote.
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* Surcharge of +3.5%.

Bulk Bag Technical Information


Bespoke Designed to individual customer requirements
Materials Fabric Polypropylene (PP) Plain or Coated
Vented Fabric maximum airflow for drying of contents e.g. logs
Printing up to 2-Colours :: 4 Sides
Seams Dustproof Seams
Design Standard U+2 Sides : 4-Loop Corner Position
Circular Cross Corner Loop Bulk Bags
Tunnel Loop remain open ready for forklift enhanced safety
Q-Bag Inner Baffle Bags
Conical Discharge FIBCs
UN Certified Approved Bulk Bags
Anti-Static Type C Conductive Tonne Bags
Top Open top / Spout top / Skirt top
Base Flat Base :: Discharge Spout bottom :: Full Base Discharge
Liner Loose ▪ Shaped ▪ Blown ▪ Insertion ▪ Glued ▪ Tabbed and Sewn
Liner Materials Food Grade ▪ Conductive ▪ Aluminium
SWL Safe Working Load range from 200 kg – 2000kg
SF Safety Factor 5:1 (Single Trip) – 6:1 (Multi Trip)
Standard 4-loop

Standard tonne bags

With Cross Corner Loops

With Cross Corner Loops

Conductive Type C Bulk Bag

Conductive Type C Bulk Bag



Design Performance

Our tonne bags are fully tested to ensure the highest possible standards, sacks with safe working loads and compliance with BS EN 1898:2001. BSFL make FIBC bulk bags for a large range of products – from simple builders sacks, aggregate bags, half tonne and one ton sacks to big jumbo bags; ideal for bulk feed, seeds, plastics and other industrial / agricultural materials. Please get in touch – we’ll have something for your application.

Single Trip – an FIBC designed and intended to be used for one filling only.
Multi Trip (Standard duty re-usable) – an FIBC designed and intended to be used for a limited number of fillings and discharges. An FIBC of this category cannot be re-used if damaged, i.e. is not repairable. The replacement of a removable inner liner is allowed.
UN-Dangerous goods – an FIBC built to ensure safe transport of dangerous materials

Height Tolerance:  +/- 20 mm
Footprint Tolerance:  +/- 20 mm

Measurements are valid for internal dimensions and are indicative.
Standard FIBCs with square bottom become circular in shape after filling.
Filling height of the FIBC should not exceed twice the length of the width of the shortest horizontal dimension (base) of the FIBC.


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BSFL Packaging’s range of TONNE bags, flexible containers, big bags, builder bags, tote bags, tonne bags, and compactor bags – provide customers with a cost effective type of packaging for shipping and storing dry bulk products such as aggregates, seeds, feeds, powders, minerals, logs & a broad range of loose or granular products.

We offer a 2-3 working day service from our stock items to destinations in mainland UK.  If you would like to know more about our products, please browse through our main website at